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Oia, Santorini, Cyclades, Greece, by photographer George Tatakis

CARYATIS: Exhibition Beta

Exhibition: CARYATIS beta



5.9.23 - 25.10.23


The exhibition's opening will be on September 5th, from 19:00 to 23:00. The last day will be October 25th, 2023.



The venue will be the Symposion Cultural Center on the island of Santorini.



The show will feature eleven works by George Tatakis, from his project 'Caryatis'—a study on Greek traditional female costumes. Three more works from the project 'Ethos' will be displayed. 



George Tatakis and Symposion Cultural Center



Symposion Cultural Center is located in Megalochori, on Santorini island.

Continuing his exploration of Greece's rich cultural heritage, George Tatakis presents an impressive array of eleven fresh works from the "Caryatis" project, complemented by three captivating pieces from his earlier "Ethos" project. This exhibition, hosted by the picturesque Symposion Cultural Center in Megalochori, Santorini, marks the second introduction of his comprehensive body of work. With "Caryatis," Tatakis masterfully captures the allure of women's local costumes, painting a tapestry that spans eras. Each image narrates a story – an homage to Greece's past and a bridge to its future. This work has received 22 international awards. Situated in the heart of Megalochori on Santorini, the Symposion Cultural Center offers an idyllic backdrop for this visual journey. Just as the island's beauty enchants, Tatakis' images transport viewers to a realm where tradition and art harmonize. Embrace Tradition, Embrace Art, Embrace Greece

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