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Become a Patron of George Tatakis' photography and get great benefits, today!

What is a Patron?

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Probably introduced during the Renaissance, patrons were people who wanted to support the work of the artists who were creating beautiful things. Patreon is now bringing this back.

With Patreon, George Tatakis' work and expedition may reach a much better level. I will be able to do more traveling, make beautiful images of local traditions that are about to disappear, and provide the world with meaningful archival work!

My Patrons get to choose a tier that is the best for them and sign up for a monthly subscription that helps me with my work. In exchange, they enjoy great benefits, from early access to new photography work, to even Limited, numbered & signed artwork delivered to their door!

Example tiers

Special early access to new, finished projects!
I will send you a private link once back from my trip, with access to view all the images made and edited.

You'll receive a Museum grade 20x30cm fine art print every 2 months, direct to your door, plus all previous rewards. House sealed at the back.

You'll receive a Museum grade SIGNED 60x42cm fine art print every month, direct to your door, plus all non-merchandise previous rewards. House sealed at the back.

Where to next?

Let's bring these images out to the world together!


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