Photography composition through student photo review

on Zoom, Tue October 11, 2022 @ 7pm EEST

About the Workshop

A one-hour crash course on photography composition, by internationally multi-awarded photographer George Tatakis. Get your work reviewed!

A one-hour photography workshop, from which you will walk out a better photographer. Useful for beginners, as well as advanced photographers.

This workshop relates to photographic composition. Internationally acclaimed photographer George Tatakis will utilise the participants' work to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each image.

The participants will be able to learn about composition through this process. Each of the participants will need to show three of their favourite photographs. These images will be the basis for the discussion on photographic composition.

This one-hour workshop of course is by no means a complete course on photographic composition, but it will be able to provide many insights into real-life examples.

Workshop Details

Cost for workshop

The price for the workshop is 25 euros per person.

How many participants

The workshop requires a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 15.

Duration of the workshop

The duration is approximately 1 hour. The photographer might decide to extend this up to 1:30 hours to have enough time to discuss all the participant photographs.

What is required from you to participate

You need to find your favourite own 3 images to share with the group for George Tatakis to review. Please send your images to