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Chorōs: Exploring the Harmonious Fusion of Music and Still Life Photography on Santorini

Welcome to the enchanting world of "Chorōs: Still Life Choreography," a captivating project that seamlessly blends the elegance of black and white photography with the rhythmic cadence of music. As a pianist and photographer, I find myself at the intersection of two powerful art forms, and in this article, we'll embark on a visual and auditory journey together. We start from the beautiful volcanic island of Santorini in Greece.

Our first destination: the mesmerizing volcanic island of Santorini in Greece.

Unveiling "Chorōs"

In this section, we'll delve into the project's description, understanding how "Chorōs" invites viewers to engage in a multisensory exploration. The marriage of black and white photography with music forms a narrative that transcends the conventional boundaries of stillness, offering a unique experience for the audience.

The Interplay of Visual and Auditory

Explore the profound relationship between music and visual art as we uncover the intricate details of "Chorōs." Each carefully composed image serves as a choreographic arrangement, resonating with the subtle rhythms and melodies that echo through my mind.


Acquire a print from the work

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First Stop: Santorini

Let's set our sights on the picturesque island of Santorini in Greece, the initial canvas for "Chorōs." Discover how the island's volcanic landscapes and timeless elegance inspire the visual symphony captured through my lens.

Embracing Greek Culture

Dive into the ethos of simplicity and harmony that defines Greek culture. Understand how the project pays homage to the unadorned elegance that characterizes life in Greece, seeking to capture moments of stillness pulsating with the vitality of an unseen dance.

Capturing the Dance of Stillness

As a photographer, I aim to freeze moments that resonate with the silent dance within. Learn about the process of creating choreography through objects, light, and shadow, crafting images that are more than just photographs—they are windows into a world of visual symphony.

The Exhibition Experience

Discover what awaits visitors during exhibitions of "Chorōs." Explore the immersive experience of silence, aided by noise-cancelling equipment, challenging individuals to perceive the silent music within each photograph. It's an invitation to slow down, listen closely, and engage in a dialogue between the senses.

A Call to Experience Art

"Chorōs" goes beyond a photographic endeavour; it's a profound and intimate call to experience art. Understand the project's mission to serve as a bridge between worlds, inviting individuals to join me on an extraordinary journey and celebrate the enduring allure of simplicity and rhythm.

Partnership and Sponsorship

In this section, we invite readers to become partners or sponsors of "Chorōs: Still Life Choreography." Learn how you can contribute to bringing this unique sensory experience to a wider audience, becoming a part of a movement that celebrates the timeless connection between music and visual expression.


As we conclude our journey through "Chorōs," on the island of Santorini, reflect on the beauty of simplicity and rhythm in our complex world. Embrace the invitation to experience art on a profound and intimate level, and consider joining me in making this sensory exploration accessible to a global audience.

Love xx



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