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My work as a photographer is a profound exploration of Greek cultural heritage, capturing the essence of traditional and contemporary Greek life through two major projects: Caryatis and Ethos. Each photograph is meticulously crafted to reveal the stories, traditions, and identities that define Greece.


Sitting portrait of a woman wearing a local traditional costume. Rhodes, Greece.

The Caryatis project celebrates the elegance and diversity of traditional women's costumes across Greece. This series is divided into two categories: Islands and Mainland, showcasing the intricate designs and historical significance of these garments. Through this work, I aim to preserve and honor the cultural identities represented by these costumes.

Portrait of wearing a folklore carnival costume in the snow. Volax, Drama, Greece.

The Ethos project delves into the heart of Greek traditions, documenting unique local events, that might strike as odd to the untrained eye. This series captures the vibrant expressions of community life and the enduring legacy of ancient rituals. Ethos provides a door into the rich heritage of Greece, highlighting the importance of these traditions in today's society.

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