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Discover the secrets of the Aegean Islands through the photographic lens of George Tatakis.

A wealth of cultural treasures is hidden among the natural beauties of our islands. Customs and traditions, festivals and cultural events, traditional costumes, music, and dances. An immense heritage, a consequence of the vast cultural changes and exchanges that took place throughout the Aegean, awaits visitors to discover it. Each island is a different enchanting world.

Aegean stands for history, tradition, continuity. It stands for multiculturalism and harmonious coexistence; living traditions and modern culture.

The islands’ beautiful beaches and magical landscapes will make you fall in love with them, but the knowledge of their history and traditions will make you adore them.

Through the promotion of local customs and traditions, the Secret Beauty of the Aegean Sea aims at promoting the islands’ cultural heritage and at creating a deeper bond between passengers and the places they visit. It also creates incentives for an increase in tourism flow throughout the year, even during the low season. This way, culture can contribute significantly to the upgrading of the islands’ tourism product and act as a lever of development.

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