George Tatakis

Exhibited and published internationally
Global media representation by INSTITUTE, UK

This work is the evolvement of ETHOS and the photographer himself and focuses on female traditional costumes all over Greece. The images are no longer snapshots of non-posed subjects, but the photographer now takes control of the whole scene and direction.

Greece is home to an abundance of local events, that are bound to traditions and customs. Across the four corners of the country a great variety of events take place, related either to different times in history or geographic origins. These events and the tradition around them are the focus of ETHOS.

The people in your images fit into the beautiful scenarios perfectly

Leica camera editorial team

Your pictures are AMAZIIIIIIIING!

Fragonard Museum team

The images we have seen are absolutely brilliant.

the Benaki Museum


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George Tatakis

International representation by INSTITUTE, UK

George Tatakis is an internationally acclaimed photographer, published in media such as National Geographic and Leica magazines. He exhibits his images in outlets such as the Benaki Museum, one of the most significant Museum organisations in Europe, and Fragonard Museum in France. His digital archive is safeguarded by the Benaki Museum.